Clover is a main character in Totally Spies!, along with her best friends and fellow spies Sam and Alex. Clover is pretty much like any typical teenager, having an eye for fashion, an obsession for shopping, and actively seeking for cute boys.


It's How You Play The Game (S2E05)Edit

When the spies are captured by this episode's villain, Clover was given three performance-enhancing bugs instead of the usual one given to the other athletes in the episode. As a result, Clover not only becomes real good at figure skating, but she also gains a lot of muscle mass and become a super-athlete. She returns to normal when Alex remembers that Clover was allergic to daffodils and sneezes the bugs out.


Clover Muscle01:26

Clover Muscle

Clover muscle growth - Totally Spies!00:49

Clover muscle growth - Totally Spies!

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