Candy is one of the cast members for the animated sketch show, Right Now Kapow in Disney XD.

Appearance Edit

Her head shape as a candy with a candy wrapper as dicpict a hair with a pigtail and with multi-colored freckles on her cheeks and also plays different types of the character roles from this roles.

Opening Intro Edit

In the intro, The cast (girls included Diamond, Candy, and Plant), as muscular wrestlers.

Victory Speech (Season 1, Episode 1a) Edit

The Sphinx (Season 1, Episode 3b) Edit

The Bulkbodies (Season 1, Episode 4b) Edit

College Prank War (Season 1, Episode 9a) Edit

Dragon Riders (Season 1, Episode 12a) Edit

Road Gang (Season 1, Episode 21b) Edit

Candy as a male lumberjack with muscle tone arms.