Buena Girl is a 9-year-old masked wrestler and the main protagonist in Mucha Lucha! and the most knowledgeable among El Tres Mascaritas. She lives by every rule of The Code of Masked Wrestling, which she uses as guidelines for the Mascaritas' actions and behavior. She has a by the book personality, which often causes friction between her and her friends. Her signature move is the "Buena Bulldozer Of Truth", where she literally transforms into a bulldozer. It is hinted that she has a crush on Rikochet. She is often shown to be a descendant of the Slamazons, an ancient tribe of female masked wrestlers (Play on the Amazons). She is a daughter of Buena Mom and "Buena Dad.

Not So Buena Girl (S01,E10B)Edit

Mask Away (S01,E13)Edit

Thrills and Skills (S02,E05A)Edit

Election Daze (S02,E17B)Edit

Buena Basura (S03,E01A)Edit

Buena Girl flexes her biceps in the episode