Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Marv Wolfman and artist Keith Pollard, she first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #194. Felicia Hardy is the daughter of a world-renowned cat burglar. After suffering a traumatic event as a college freshman, she trained herself in various fighting styles and acrobatics and, after deciding to follow in her father's footsteps, adopted her costumed identity as the Black Cat, former cat burglar Felicia Hardy became a crime fighter when she became romantically attracted to and involved with Spider-Man. Felicia has the ability to instill "bad luck" around others - this comes in handy when fighting crime!

Spider Man: The Animated Series Edit

In the Spider-Man: The Animated Series, Felicia Hardy is a blonde, high-class, girl who shows signs of being spoiled. She attends Empire State University with Peter Parker, Peter is also Felicia's science tutor. Peter would try multiple times, to go on a date with Felicia, but she would constantly turn him down. Felicia had been saved by Spider-Man a few times before. Her mother, Anastasia Hardy, was a normal business woman and mother. Her father on the other hand, John Hardesky, was a well known jewel thief called "The Cat." When her father was a young boy, he memorized the Super Soldier Serum during World War II. Two notable relationships that Felicia went through was Michael Morbius, who turned into a vampire, and Jason Macendale, who was revealed to be the Hobgoblin. It's revealed her father The Cat was fooled into sneaking into an American lab during World War II, to memorize the super soldier formula that created Captain America and report back to the Red Skull. At the last moment, the Cat realized the deception and ran away to a life of crime. In the present, the Cat is in a S.H.I.E.L.D. prison but is then broken out by the Kingpin. Doctor Octopus (working for the Kingpin) kidnaps Felicia as leverage and to be used as a guinea pig for an improved super soldier formula. The formula proves a success, making her overall physical prowess comparable to Spider-Man and also gives her the ability to morph between her normal blond haired form and her empowered muscular white haired form at will. As Black Cat, Felicia wears a very form-fitting catsuit that highlights her newly developed very large breasts, ripped broad shoulders, toned midriff, strong and tight toned abs, strong toned muscles, long muscular legs, and muscular yet voluptuous body.

The Black Cat photo gallery Edit

Spider-Man (Fox) - Black Cat Muscle Growth00:04

Spider-Man (Fox) - Black Cat Muscle Growth

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