Template:Character(s) InfoElizabeth "Betty" Giselle-DeVille is a character from Rugrats (1991-2004). She is Phil and Lil's mom, Betty is really nice, but also really LOUD. She's best friends with Tommy and Dil's mom Didi, and they do a lot of stuff together. Betty's also really into sports. Just ask her about it, or anything else, She comes in as a big, loud, friendly and tomboyishly beautiful woman. Even though they outwardly seem to be opposites , Betty and Didi are best friends. Although she comes off as a tough gal despite her beauty, always giving a friendly-but-painful backslap, Betty fawns over her twins with the instincts of a mother bear. She loves a good cup of coffee and is always quick with a witty comment.

Hurricane Alice (S9E15)Edit