Bessie Kajolica Higgenbottom is the main protagonist of the Nicktoons show The Mighty B!. She is a nine and 3/4-year-old, geeky, bespectacled "Honeybee Scout" characterized by her extreme hyperactivity and unshakably dedicated work-ethic. Ambitious, infuriatingly-persistent, and highly sociable, Bessie is determined to earn every badge in existence on the firm belief that achieving this goal will transform her into a superhero known as The Mighty Bee (and it was implied in one episode involving a meeting between Bessie and the founder of the Honeybee Scouts that this theory actually may be true), showing obsessive devotion to the scouting troop and any mission that she establishes for herself in attaining her goal. Pure-hearted and friendly, Bessie is oblivious to other people's dislike of her, blind to the bratty Portia Gibbons's exclusion and belittling of her regardless of the severity of her insults. In spite of this factor, Bessie displays extreme precociousness and intellect, constructing both a robot and an atom smasher for the upcoming Honeybee Science Fair and showing the business and negotiation skills of someone twice her age. Nonetheless, she shows vulnerability to her weak eyesight, unicorns, cute animals, and stereo typically-feminine interests such as sparkles and glitter.

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Season 1Edit

So Happy Together (S01E01A)Edit

Bee Afraid (S01E02B)Edit

Body Rockers (S01E04B) Edit

Super Sweet Weakness (S01E05B) Edit

Name Shame (S01E13B) Edit

Marco Mayhem (S01E19A) Edit

O Say Can Bess See (Season 1, Episode 20B) Edit


Season 2Edit

Dirty Happy (S02E03A) Edit

O Brother What Art Thou (S02E12) Edit

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