Beor O'Shift is the elf-barbarian woman and the one of the main characters from HarmonQuest.

Appearance Edit

She wears a chain-mail bikini and brown footwear, Even she has a necklace of the green gemstone. Her weapon only an axe.

Personality Edit

A wandering barbarian who meets Fondue and Boneweevil when she is breathlessly chased into their village by the Manticore cultists. She fights alongside them and the village's militia against the cultists, and after the village's runestone is stolen, she joins Fondue and Boneweevil on their quest to stop the cultists' apocalyptic machinations.

The visual effect of her "Barbarian Rage," although she never really becomes especially angry or irrational when she buffs up and goes into Barbarian Rage

The Quest Begins (Season 1, Episode 1) Edit

The Stones Saw Mines (Season 1, Episode 2) Edit

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