Barbara Gordon is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

Barbara Gordon is described as one of the most popular characters to appear during the Silver Age of Comic Booksand is also regarded as a pop icon due to her appearances in the Batmantelevision series and continued media exposure. She has achieved similar popularity in the Modern Age of Comic Books under the Birds of Preypublication and as a disabled icon.

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Batgirl: Future's End Vol. 1 (November 2014) Edit

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The Batman (2004 TV series) Edit

Barbara Gordon appears on The Batman animated series from season 3 onward. This version is the teenage daughter of Gotham Police Commissioner Gordon and a student of Gotham High. Though an excellent gymnast, she has lost interest in gymnastics; however, her father wants her to continue in the hope she might attend an Olympic Games. 

Brawn (Season 3, Episode 6) Edit

At her house Barbara Gordon workout at home she's lifting a barbell to weight for 5 or 10 pounds and she thought about she wants to be stronger and she was she's flexing her biceps and smile.

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