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Attack On Titan
is a 2009 manga created by Hajime Isayama, which is running on Kodansha's Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. An anime series was made in 2013, a second season was made in 2017, and a third season is in development for a 2018 release.

In a world where a group of man-eating giants called Titans roam free, the last remnants of humanity now live in a fortified city that protect the population from them. One faithful day, humanity received a grim reminder as a Colossal Titan breaches the wall of the village of Zhiganshina. Three children who escaped the ensuing massacre, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin, decide to join the Survey Corps, a military branch dedicated to make excursions to the outside world and fending off Titans to learn their ways and destroy them once and for all.

Notable CharactersEdit

Mikasa AckermanEdit