Alex is a main character in Totally Spies!, along with her best friends and fellow spies Clover and Sam. She is Naive and innocent, Alex excels at sports and athletics.


The Incredible Bulk (S3E09)Edit

Alex falls in love with a bodybuilder named Raymond. However, during a bodybuilder competition, Raymond bulks up and goes berserk shortly after he ate something called "Bulky Bars", an energy bar that increases muscle mass and rage made by a washed-up bodybuilder with the intent of feeding other BBs with the stuff until they explode. During the final fight, Alex takes a couple in hopes of being more evenly matched with the other raging bodybuilders while the girls fight them off in the Bad Guy's lair. After the fight, Alex slims down, but the bars' effect doesn't completely wear off. She becomes enraged when Raymond dumps her due to him not liking women "more ripped than him" and she bulges out a bit more!

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Muscular Alex

Muscular Alex