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Akira Aino aka Time Pilfer Lady or T.P. Lady (TPレディ?) / Petra Fina Dagmar / Ms. Iknow is the one of the main antagonists of Flint The Time Detective. Petra Fina is an enemy of the Time Police wanted for stealing and messing up time and space. She allied herself with the Dark Lord out of having a "school-girl" infatuation with him. Though she eventually realized too late she was a pawn. When not on missions given to her, she takes the form of Ms. Iknow, a strict teacher of Flint, Sarah, and Tony's class. By the finale, she had a temporary truce with the heroes that only lasted until the Dark Lord was defeated. After that, Flint and the other heroes pursue Petra Fina through the timeline.

Appearance Edit

She has a slight cat theme about her and has red cat-like eyes, though outside her ship and the Petra Stamp the cat theme is kept to a minimum, with only the odd silly face making her resemble a cat more at times. She has long green hair which is tied back in a ponytail. Otherwise she has a normal human appearance. She wears a red and grey dress which is short. Her attire is based on a Dominatrix design.

Muscles (Episode 20) Edit

In her daydreams she appears very girlie having the appearance based on a young maiden despite being "an old maid". When trying to come up with the idea world built upon the power of Muscles, she was horrified at the vision she gave herself.