Akane Owari is a character from the Dangan Ronpa series. A student of Hope's Peak Academy, Akane is known as the Ultimate Gymnast, with a penchant of inventing her own moves, but underperforms when she's in a bad mood. A brash and argumentative girl with a large appetite, Akane isn't the sharpest thinker in the group.

Appearances Edit

Dangan Ronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy Edit

Side: Future - Episode 1: Third Time's The Charm Edit

In a short scene in the beginning, Akane can be seen fighting beside Nekomaru and Peko against members of the Future Foundation, sporting abs.

Side: Despair - Episode 2: My Impurest Heart For You Edit

While fighting against Nekomaru in the beginning of the episode, Teruteru offers her his Doping Corn Soup to help her in the match, made in collaboration by him, and Seiko Kimura. Upon drinking it, Akane bulks up immensely, tearing the sleeves on her shirt.


Danganronpa Owari Arm Growth

Danganronpa Owari Arm Growth