Abby "Musclegirl" Strong-Apelstein is Muscle Man's sister in Hulu's The Awesomes.

Appearance Edit

She is a muscular woman on her first introduced in the season 2 episode 'Destination Deading', where she got married to an ape. Like the rest of her family, she has super strength. Also despite been happily married, she has an obsessive stalker-like crush on Prock.

Gallery Edit

Destination Dreading (S02E03) Edit

The Awesomes go to Catalina Island to attend Muscleman's Sister's wedding. Perfect Man goes stir crazy while hiding in Awesome Mountain.

Tim Goes to School (S02E04) Edit

Abby makes briefly cameo

The Dames of Danger (S03E06) Edit

The Final Showdown (S03E10)Edit